Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Instalanche!

This morning I couldn't sleep, so got up at 3 AM, ate some yogurt and read some of Lawrence Auster's latest posts about the paleoconservatives and their rampant anti-semitism.  I checked my hit counter and I had less than 100 hits for today -- not surprising, considering the hour.  I went back to bed at 4:30 AM.

When I logged on again at 10:30 AM, my Neocounter showed that I had 60 people online at that moment, from five different countries, and I realized something significant had happened.  I opened sitemeter to see that my hits for today were now in excess of 3,200.  Sitemeter also disclosed that my torrent of hits was coming from Instapundit, who had linked my post on Rabbi Nessenoff (below).

In other words, I had my first Instalanche.  Robert Stacy McCain at The Other McCain, who is always inventing new and useful words, came up with the term.  Take Instapundit and merge it with avalanche and you have an Instalanche -- a link from Instapundit and the resulting torrent of hits.

Thanks Stacy -- now I can explain my great hits for Thursday in a single word!

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