Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's Meg vs. Moonbeam in the Land of Fruits and Nuts

Meg Whitman won the Republican primary for governor of California.  I voted for her, after American Power confirmed my suspicions that Steve Poizner was really a flaming liberal repackaged as a conservative.  She will face "Governor Moonbeam," otherwise known as Jerry Brown, who was the governor of California over 30 years ago.

How much good Whitman can do in a very blue state is debatable.  Without a Republican legislature to back her up, she will be stymied in restoring fiscal health to the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Schwarzenegger went into the governor's chair determined to clean things up; after he had his ass handed to him in a special election (where a number of needed reforms were all voted down), he quickly assumed the role of the left's bitch.  It was really embarrassing seeing him show up to legislative sessions in the black leather jumpsuit, with the studded collar around his neck and the red ball gag in his mouth.  Arnie figured that it was much easier to go along and get along then to change the direction of the state towards fiscal sanity.

How Meg can affect a better outcome is beyond me.  I think the Democrat legislature will greet her with as much enthusiasm as a room full of drunks would greet Carry Nation.

In yesterday's elections, my fellow Californians again repudiated my wisdom by voting the wrong way on most of the propositions.  They voted in the open primary (Proposition 14), which I opposed, so now all candidates will be listed on the same ballot without party affiliation noted.  The top two will proceed to the general election.  Under this system you can have two Democrats on the ballot for the general election; that should suppress the Republican vote even more, cementing control of the state in the hands of the neo-bolsheviks.  Who wants to bother voting when the choices are Commie A or Commie B?

Yes, I know the candidates' party affiliation won't be on the ballot, but everyone will know what it is anyway.

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