Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is Obama Trying to Destroy America? Or Merely Incompetent?

Lawrence Auster of View from the Right is impatient with conservatives who merely decry Obama as incompetent, disinterested or disengaged.  Auster believes Obama's disastrous performance as President is all part of his plan to remake America into a socialist, third-world country.  Auster writes:
How can they indict him as a leftist revolutionary and complain about the fact that he is not up to--or not interested in--the job? What possesses these conservatives that they are unwilling or unable to acknowledge that an enemy is an enemy? Don't they see that if Obama is "unengaged" in, say, the Gulf oil spill disaster, it's for exactly the same reason that he was hyper-engaged in ramming through the health care bill? Namely that he wants America to be crippled, he wants America to be rendered unable to sustain itself as a free and independent country, so that the left and the nonwhites and the Muslims can take it over. Some of the conservatives do seem to see this disturbing truth, but then they veer away from it, obsessing on Obama's inexperience and detachment. Yes, he's detached. He's detached from America in the same sense that if your worst enemy saw you drowning in a lake, instead of saving you he would be detached about it and go play golf.
I would have preferred that Auster not use the word "nonwhites."  Being "nonwhite" does not automatically equate to anti-western hostility.  However, he makes an interesting point.

Is Obama merely incompetent, or is he trying to ruin the country?  And if it is the latter, to what purpose?

My personal feeling is that Obama is a rigid, far-left ideologue who has no clue as to how the world actually works.  He is largely divorced from reality.  He is a product of a pot-smoking culture of far-left illusions that do not work in the real world.  Whatever the case, the sooner he is out of office the better.  Barack Obama is clearly the worst and most destructive president in the last 100 years.

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