Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Ship Rachel Corrie Captured!

It looks like they have moonbats in Belfast too.   A collection of Jew-haters there bought an old commercial ship and named it "The Rachel Corrie," after a rabid leftist from Washington state.  This old boat is the latest to be stopped by the Israeli blockade of Gaza.  It is telling that the operators of the ship named it after an anti-Israel radical.

Rachel Corrie was best depicted by photos of her with face contorted by hate, gritting her teeth or yelling in anger as she burned an American flag.  Corrie decided to support terrorism in Gaza by trying to prevent Israeli bulldozers from razing houses used as depots for smuggler tunnels.  The tunnels, of course, were used to smuggle in weapons and explosives to kill Israelis.

In 2003, Corrie made herself a human shield against an Israeli bulldozer that was in the process of demolishing a terrorist house in Gaza.  The bulldozer driver didn't see her and she died, either from falling debris from the house or by being crushed by the bulldozer (there are conflicting claims as to what killed her).

In any case, the name "Rachel Corrie" will long be a name precious to Jew-haters, radical leftists and supporters of Muslim terrorism.  Personally, for me, the name will forever be associated with the mindless, ranting left, the support of hatred, totalitarianism and mass murder.

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