Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul McCartney: Musical Genius, Political Idiot

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has announced that global warming "deniers" are equivalent to holocaust deniers.

This proves that a musical genius can still be a political idiot.  You're really pushing it, Paulsy.  Let me explain to you a few basic facts.

Anthropogenic Global warming is a socialist scam for gaining power and increasing control over the lives and fortunes of citizens everywhere.  It is an invented "crisis" with no basis in reality, marked by doctored data and fraudulent science.  There are more scientists who don't believe in AGW then there are ones who do.  The ones who do are generally socialists with an agenda who are making big bucks off of government grants to supply their comrades in power with the doctored data needed to further the fraud.

The Holocaust, on the other hand had some evidence to support it.  All of those dead bodies and mass graves, for instance.  The AGW theory, however, has only "computer models" to support it, and those models are woefully incapable of predicting weather patterns.  Major AGW theories, like the "hockey stick," keep getting knocked down by facts and objective science.  Worldwide temperatures continue to plunge, sea ice has never been more plentiful and polar bears are thriving.  No matter, the fraud will continue to attract superficial and naive celebrities like the vacuous Paul McCartney.

As some Russian once observed, even idiots can be useful.


Stogie said...

Stick to what you know Paulie--keep your political opinions to yourself--we don't care.

Dennis said...

I too, am disappointed by "Sir" Paul's political ignorance, but not surprised. Look at the Beatles in their later years, a bunch of drugged out hippies. Typical liberals.I loved their music and charm, but always suspected they were politically way to the left. But I might be wrong about Ringo. He supports our Troops.