Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Breast Implants? We Have the Photographic Proof!

The Left's new Sarah Palin obsession is over Mrs. Palin's breasts.  They claim that the photograph on the left proves that Palin has had breast implants.

I don't know -- do they look bigger to you?

Note to Bob Belvedere:  Now THAT'S the way to use the liquefy/bloat tool!

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Florencewatson said...

These are not breasts, are the heads of her last two boyfriends:)
I don't understand why some women want to have huge's not even healthy. I recently understood why other women have breast augmentation surgeries after I saw a before and after gallery on Some of those women can't prove their gender by showing their breasts because they don't have any....suc a woman should definitely have breast implants, but off course not huge ones, just normal:P