Friday, June 11, 2010

"Death to the Juice": The Islamic Thinkers Society (TITS) and Dueling Cockroaches

Recently a photo emerged of a really dumb Muslim carrying a sign in New York that read "Death to All Jews."  Well, almost.  Dumb-boy couldn't spell "Jews," so his sign read "Death to All Juice."  O.J. Simpson could not be reached for comment.

As for dumb-boy, one Carlos Almonte (or is that Al-Monte?), he was last seen trying to behead a bottle of Tropicana.  The orange juice, however, was holding its own in this timeless clash of civilizations.  Almonte was grunting and grappling and struggling with the Tropicana as the two disappeared into the crowd.

The Jawa Report has proved that dumb-boy is a member of "The Islamic Thinkers Society," or as I like to call them, TITS.  Jawa ran the photograph below, showing dumb-boy holding a poster with the TITS logo.  The poster, below, shows a spray-can of Muslim hate being applied to a cockroach with the Star of David on its back.  Below that is my version of how Israelis should deal with Islamic cockroaches.

Dumb-boy, with the "what town am I in?" look on his face, holds a sign of TITS.  He is no doubt wondering why TITS is opposing a Jewish marijuana cigarette.

Hey, TITS has their cockroach and I have mine.  Well, technically, mine is a horsefly, but you get the idea. Squish.

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