Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Al Gore: Should Be Presumed Innocent Unless Further Support for Sexual Assault Tale is Forthcoming

A masseuse has come forward to accuse Al Gore of sexual assault during a massage session in his hotel room.

The masseuse's tale has a lot of detail and sounds true. She comes across as believable. She reported the alleged incident to a close friend the next day and eventually filed a police report. She did not initially go public with the story nor did she try to sell the story for money (she has now changed her mind and is asking $1 million for a more detailed tale).

However, anecdotal tales do not constitute proof. If this one masseuse was sexually assaulted by Gore, are there other masseuse's with a similar story? Is there corroborating evidence? Without this, Al Gore deserves the benefit of a doubt.

So for now, Al Gore is still Man-Bear-Pig. If additional evidence comes forth regarding his sexual escapades, then and only then can we delete the Man-Bear and conclude that he is simply a pig.

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