Monday, June 07, 2010

Stogie is "The Godfather of Bass": Our Saturday Band Jam

Our party in San Jose on Saturday went well.  We had invited other musician friends and we all took turns playing.  The pics below are not of my band, but of one of the other bands.  The female singer is our singer, however, shown belting it out for the guests.

Our singer belts it out.  She is cool.

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A keyboardist, with bass player and drummer behind.

The bass player is Jesse, a friend of mine who paid me the ultimate compliment:  he called me "the Godfather of Bass."  Who am I to argue?

A very cool guitar player, playing "slide" guitar -- note the metal cylinder on his finger.

And another cool guitar player in fedora and shades.  Darn, he copied my look!  Except I don't have a goatee.

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