Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paypal Punishing Conservative Opinion by Withholding Services?

UPDATE:  Perhaps in response to a large outpouring of support for Atlas Shrugs, Paypal has reversed its classification of Atlas Shrugs as a "hate site."  However, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs says she will not go  back to using Paypal to receive online payments.  She will begin using GPal instead.
Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has had her Paypal account cancelled due to dirty politics.  I have written an email to Paypal to complain about this injustice.  My email message is reprinted below.  Feel free to use it as an example for your own email to Paypal to protest this injustice.  

Emailed to:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to strenuously protest your recent, ill-advised cancellation of Pamela Geller’s account at Paypal, under the totally erroneous notion that her website is a “hate site.”

I am a Paypal user and I read “Atlas Shrugs” every day.  Atlas Shrugs is a political site with a conservative point of view; that does not make it a “hate site” except in the lexicons of the far left and violent fanatics of the Islamic religion.  I assume you were contacted by a bevy of leftists or Muslim readers in a concerted effort to punish Geller for her views, views by the way, that I and many others share.

It is a tactic of the far left and other political extremists to label legitimate opposition as “racist” or “hateful” in order to discredit them.  In the past, before Google and other companies got wise to the tactic, conservative blogs and websites were shut down based on these false charges.   This kind of activity is merely dirty politics and dirty pool.   You should get wise to it right away and not allow Paypal to be used as a political tool by ruthless operatives.

Our views are mainstream, do not preach violence or hatred, but indeed, confront and oppose both violence and hatred.  Geller specifically documents and reports on Muslim honor killings throughout the world, where young women are murdered by their families for marrying an unapproved spouse, for acting “too Western,” or for even being suspected of a romantic dalliance.  The problem is widespread throughout the Muslim world,  and has recently become a western problem as well due to Islamic immigration.  Geller’s goal is to save the lives of these women, and that is the reason also of her “Leaving Islam?” advertising campaign.   Her goal is to save lives.  Do you have a problem with that?

I urge you to reverse this ban immediately.  The conservative blogosphere is united on this and we have an extensive readership, with ties to major news outlets like Fox.  I can almost guarantee you that this controversy will make it to the television airwaves soon, and it will not present Paypal in a favorable light.

I have been planning to add a Paypal button to my own website, but now I will wait until this controversy is resolved, or I will look for alternative means of receiving payments.  Unfortunately, Paypal appears to be a monopoly in furnishing this mode of online bank transactions.  For that reason, Paypal has a strong responsibility not to abuse its position by punishing legitimate political opinion by withholding services.

Hat tip:  The Other McCain

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