Saturday, June 26, 2010

French Conservative and Anti-Islamization Movements Ignored by the Press

I received the following message from reader Atikva, who is French but now a citizen of the United States.  It demonstrates that the tactics of the mainstream media are the same in France as in the U.S.:  ignore all events that do not further the leftist agenda.
On June 18, 2010 at a rally in the place de l'Etoile, to protest against the islamisation of France, gathered about 2,000 people. Not one political or famous personality was present, not one. The only reason why it was at all reported by a few media was due to the fact that the municipality's decision to ban the "Apéritif géant" had made headlines the previous days - but they downplayed the number of participants to 800. 
The following day, some 10,000 Chinese living in Paris took to the streets to protest against the attacks by young muslims they have had to endure for too long in the districts where they live - not a peep from the media. Again, a few days later, there was yet another rally of some 15,000 people in favor of Gilad Shalit (he has double nationality, Israeli and French). The media were mum again. 
The French media follow the same leftist tactics than the US media when it comes to any action by "we the people": they ignore it or minimize it, and those who would join the resistance have no way of getting organized. 
It doesn't mean that the French are not fed up and willing to fight to recover their independence, but short of starting a civil war they have no means of reversing the trend - not one valid candidate for whom to vote, no recourse to referendum (vetoed by government), and the dictum of the European Community to hamper any attempt at reversing the deadly trend.
UPDATE:  Atikva describes France's loss of sovereignty (to the European Union) to be a major factor in its continuing demise:
Stogie, there are no frontiers any more between members of the European Union, and the latter has decreed that immigration from "developing countries" was a good thing. Even if the French government wanted to stop the invasion, it couldn't close the country's borders and the immigrants would continue to pour in from other European countries. And the EU has just asked Switzerland, who is not even a member, to ignore the vote of the Swiss people on the erection of minarets, just to show how impossible it has become for the EU members to protect their own countries!

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