Friday, November 04, 2011

"Looking at the Left" Has Photo Essay on the "Occupy Denver" Radicals (Photos)

Bring it on Bitches
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El Marco at "Looking at the Left" has an excellent photo essay on the radicals of the "Occupy Denver" movement.  In his essay,  El Marco shows that the "Occupy" movement is a communist movement that has no legitimate goals beyond ending capitalism.

It is incredible that these unwashed, ignorant fools can't think beyond tomorrow or next week.  So they destroy the corporations and end capitalism...what then?  Where do all the goods come from after that, e.g. the clothing, the food, the housing, the medical care, the computers, the TV sets?   Once these radical idiots smash the means of production, once they steal and use the existing inventories of food and goods, who will produce more?

The answer is  no one.  Then mass starvation sets in, just as it did in Russia and China, where millions starved to death after the communist revolutions there were successful.  Communism = starvation, misery and want.  Communism does not produce a "paradise on earth," it produces hell on earth.

With that in mind, these radical punks should know one thing:  if you start a revolution, we will crush you like the cockroaches that you are.  Do not underestimate our power or our determination:  communism will never prevail in this country.


Ema Nymton said...


"...liberals protest war...conservatives protest healthcare..."

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ema, your comment is simplistic. Liberals oppose any wars the US is in because they always side with America's enemies. The only exception to this came in WWII when Hitler invaded Russia. The leftists who had opposed the war up to that point instantly changed their position and were gung-ho against Hitler.

Conservatives do not protest health care, they protest socialized, government run health care, which experience shows makes health care much less accessible to the masses and a lot more expensive (not to mention of inferior quality). Just ask Canada and the U.K.