Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 11/11/11

Today is Veterans Day and all vets deserve a great "Thank You" from all of us.  It's easy to make gloriously patriotic graphics and wave the flag, but war is a lot nastier than all that.  Most of us can't begin to imagine the hell our veterans had to live through.

I think this picture shows some of the reality.  We should never put our military in harms way for light or frivolous reasons.  However, when we are attacked, then it's time to commit the troops to punish the aggressors, to kill them and destroy their ability to make war.  We should not waste the lives of our military trying to make democrats out of barbarians.  Just my opinion.

Today's date is also interesting in itself:  11/11/11.


Randy-g said...

Wars are fought to win, as in annihilate the the enemy. I was hoping we learned from Nam, evidently not. And you are absolutely correct about most of us know nothing of the hell our military endures. My self included. My hat and heart gets tipped to our troops, past and present(with the exception of the current Commander in Chief).

Stogie said...

Well said, Randy.