Saturday, November 05, 2011

Muhammad Dit: "Vive La Diversité": Charlie Hebdo's Cartoon Revisited (Photoshop)

In Support of Freedom of Expression
I made my own version of Charlie Hebdo's Muhammad.  Hope they don't mind, but I am satirizing the satire!

It reads:  "Muhammad says:  Long live diversity!"

Use it and reuse it as you see fit.

Update:  Charlie Hebdo now has a blog at wordpress:

NOTE:  Charlie Hebdo is a very left wing publication and continually insults Christianity and Judaism in very egregious ways.  Nevertheless, we should support their right to free speech, as we claim the same right for ourselves.  It is interesting to note, however, that one of the left's most prized ideals -- that of cultural and ethnic diversity -- has come back to haunt them in the Charlie Hebdo flap.   Diversity, as it is conceived by the left, is a very bad thing for pluralistic democracies.  The only "diversity" that works is one that is rather superficial.   In this regard, we must thank Charlie Hebdo for providing us with more proof that we are right about the inappropriateness of Islam in western civilization.  To infect pluralistic and tolerant democracies with an intolerant and hostile ideology makes no sense.


Hangsy said...

this is too much provocation, but still the idiots didn't have the right to end 12 lives in France today!

MikeyArmstrong said...

Diversity had nothing to do with the murders of those cartoonists.

Stogie Chomper said...

I disagree. Diversity is the notion that we are better off by importing millions of Muslim immigrants into the west. Muslim terrorists are a bit too "diverse" for my tastes.