Monday, November 07, 2011

The Hit Job on Herman Cain Continues: Gloria Allred, Slime Merchant, Steps Forward

Another woman, one Sharon Bialek of Chicago, has now come forward to allege that Cain once put the moves on her.   She said no, he stopped immediately, and she wasn't employed at the time.  Therefore, the alleged incident, even if true, does not constitute "sexual harrassment," is a minor, personal matter of no importance, and its only purpose is to embarrass Cain.  Gloria Allred (her last name describes her politics) often represents and introduces "embarrassment" personas to the public in an attempt to damage the campaigns of conservative candidates.  Dirty politics is her game and "All Red" is her name.

Lawrence Auster explains the incident and its lack of importance here.

Blogmocracy describes the media's hypocrisy, double standards and bias here.  The Blogmocracy article tells about Obama's alleged homosexual encounters with two men, although you can be sure Allred will never represent them before the media.

I will though, in a very graphic (Photoshop) kind of way.  Stay tuned.

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