Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Herman Cain Being Sunk by Other Republicans, as Well as Democrat Smears

Herman Cain
I think Herman Cain is probably toast for the Republican presidential nomination.  Like others before him, he has been made to swim in a Democrat-made sewer of slime, unproven accusations and bad press.  He might be able to survive that, but I doubt he can survive the Republican onslaught now directed against him.

It seems the supporters of Romney, Gingrich and Perry have joined the Democrats in undermining Cain.  Dan Riehl, of "Get Real, Riehl" has been posting articles heavily criticizing Cain, and other conservative bloggers like Astute Bloggers sound like Democrats while pushing the "sexual harassment" meme.

Lawrence Auster of View From the Right thinks that Cain doesn't have the experience or political skill to be an effective candidate, and this may or may not be true.  However, Auster has defended Cain against the unsourced and unsupported slander from the left.  If Auster is right (and I suspect he is) about Cain's lack of political experience, then Cain might have made a good VP candidate for whoever is nominated as the Republican candidate.

Cain's presence on the ticket would immediately put the lie to the Democrat smear of "racism," and calm the anger from many blacks that will surely surface if Obama is defeated.  Further, it would provide Cain with a means of acquiring more experience and political skill for an eventual run for the presidency.  However, with so many conservatives making the Democrat's argument for them, I don't see that happening now.  I can see the Democrat political ads next year, quoting this Republican or that conservative, denigrating Herman Cain, attacking his qualifications and personal reputation.

What I have liked about Herman Cain is that he isn't a career politician, a slick lawyer in a suit who says one thing when he means another, who talks the talk but in the end is merely an establishment Tweedledum who will do whatever it takes to get favorable editorials from the New York Times and the Washington Post.  Cain has been a breath of fresh air, a counter to "politics as usual."  I also have loved Cain's support of Israel, which mirrors my own:  an attack on Israel should be viewed as an attack on the United States, and will not be tolerated.

So if Cain withdraws, as is the goal of the Democrats and the establishment Republicans, he will take a lot of my enthusiasm with him.  I will still show up on election day and vote the straight Republican ticket, but my nose is getting sore from having to hold it every time I vote.


Randy-g said...

I am surprised at the number of righty blogs dumping on Herman. I too like Cain for the reasons you said. My frigging nose bleeds from holding it so often!

Stogie said...

You're a good man, Randy!

LibertyAtStake said...

Dan Riehl is still punching walls over Palin deciding not to run. So I understand him lashing out in anger at the competition.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Ema Nymton said...


That is alright. Now that this comedy skit has been played out (the joke was always on you anyway), the Republicant Party will clear the deck for Mr Romney and _you_ will submit.

Remind US again what the difference is between the RepublicanT Party candidate and Mr Obama?

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ema, the difference between any Republican candidate and Obama is that the Republican is not a flaming Marxist whose intention is to destroy the US economy and turn us into a banana republic.

Whoever we elect will be a lot better than that radical college sophomore who hasn't a clue about economics or anything else. Anyone at random off the street would be a better president than Barack Obama. Still, I would like to get the one furthest to the right as possible.