Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Occupy" Thugs Attack San Diego Wall-Mart

On Black Friday a bunch of "Occupy" leftists attacked a Wall-Mart store in San Diego. They filled up 75 shopping carts full of store items, then got in line to the cash register. Their leader, the first in line, then broadcast socialist propaganda to the rest of the shoppers, stating how bad a corporation Wall-Mart is for offering goods at low and affordable prices. Apparently, to the Occupy movement, poor people having any kind of Christmas is just unacceptable.

The Occupy scum then left the 75 filled shopping carts in the checkout line and left the store, leaving it to the Wall-Mart staff to restock the shelves.

Of course, the Occupy slime aren't really attacking Wall-Mart for low prices, or for "harming the environment," or for paying lower wages or benefits to workers. They are attacking Wall-Mart because it represents free enterprise and capitalism.

The real goal of the "Occupy" movement is to increase governmental control of the economy, en route to their eventual goal of ending private ownership of the means of production -- a long time, long-term Marxist goal.

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Adrienne said...

Here's the thing - I don't particularly like WallyWorld (although I'm actually going there today - ugh!) buuuuuuuuut that being said, isn't it wonderful that we live in a country that no one forces you to shop where you don't want to?

As to running mom and pops out of business? It worked just the opposite here. Our locally owned Ace Hardware (whose owner underpays and treats his employees like crap) is booming. They've done two expansions since WallyWorld opened up.

When I worked at Costco, we used to hear the same thing. Nonsense. Costco does more to help local business than anything and they pay the employees mega-bucks. It's the third highest paying employer in Washington state.

Stogie said...

Adrienne, I love Costco and shop there all the time. I also shop at Target. The nearest Wall-Mart is 15 miles away so I never shop there, but if it were closer I would give it a try.

Always On Watch said...

They are attacking Wall-Mart because it represents free enterprise and capitalism.

True, and yet the mainstream media are singing the praises of the Occupy "movement."

These Occupy thugs don't have the slightest idea of what "enterprise" means. In my view, they are nothing more than lazy bums and freeloaders.