Monday, November 07, 2011

Why Support the Left Wing Publication "Charlie Hebdo"?

Charlie Hebdo is a very left wing publication and continually insults Christianity and Judaism in very egregious ways. Nevertheless, we should support their right to free speech, as we claim the same right for ourselves.

It is interesting to note, however, that one of the left's most prized ideals -- that of cultural and ethnic diversity -- has come back to haunt them in the Charlie Hebdo flap. Diversity, as it is conceived by the left, is a very bad thing for pluralistic democracies. The only "diversity" that works is one that is rather superficial. "Diversity" that allows in a hostile culture dedicated to opposing our most cherished values is one we should strenuously oppose.

Some of the values we refuse to abandon are these: our opposition to murder and our opposition to ethnic and religious hatred (like anti-semitism). Others include our support for freedom of expression, the equality of women, and democracy.

In this regard, we must thank Charlie Hebdo for providing us with more proof that we are right about Islam: it is an undesirable presence in western civilization. To infect pluralistic and tolerant democracies with an intolerant, hostile and violent ideology makes no sense, and the danger from this ideology will only increase with time.  Let's hope this incident has awakened some on the left.

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Alex said...

you cant generalize and say that islam is bad for the western world -> the people who radically practise their religion are the problem
where do they come from? from wrong and too enthusiastic education .. generation to generation
what we have to do, is to break this circle of infinite pain and teach the people to love each other, regardless of gender, origin, sexuality, beliefs, etc.
so pleeeease, my dear friend, please start spreading love, not hatred (: