Wednesday, November 02, 2011

More Efficient Politics: Hang All the Liberals (Bitter Satire)

The left's attempt to destroy Herman Cain continues apace.  I have long wondered if politics is even worth all the trouble.  We should just ask the military to stage a coup, round up all the liberals and hang one from every telephone pole and street light in the country.  Really, would that be so different from the system we have now?

Then after all the liberals are swaying in the breeze, we could dig up the body of Saul Alinsky and put a wooden stake through his heart.

Since our political system rests on personal destruction of people, why not take that personal destruction up a notch?  Instead of merely ruining a man's reputation, instead of ruining their lives (like Tom DeLay) for political reasons, why not follow the practices to their logical conclusion?  At what point does politics, as "war by other means," become actual war?

Consider the following:
  1. A man or woman runs for office as a conservative in America.
  2. That man or woman starts to become hugely popular.
  3. The Democrats begin to worry that the Republicans might elect the first REAL black president or woman president, upstaging the Democrats in the group-identity politics game.
  4. Democrats hire operatives to investigate every aspect of the candidate's life, with an eye to finding any kind of human misstep, error or factoid that can be used against the candidate.
  5. When something is found -- an ancient DUI conviction, an alleged "sexual harassment" charge, an unpaid bill, the employment of a gardener who, unknown to the candidate, was an illegal alien, a divorce or lawsuit, then bingo!  A weapon for character assassination has been found.
  6. One or more of these ancient peccadilloes is then exploded by the Democrat-loyal mainstream media, analyzed with a microscope, dissected, discussed and condemned in both articles and editorials.  If the candidate doesn't remember all of the details of the incident (and he or she won't), or don't relate the facts with absolute accuracy, the media will then use this to show that, not only is the candidate some immoral wretch, but a liar to boot.
The result of this wretched system is that a good, decent, down-to-earth, non-lawyer everyman like Herman Cain can't be elected in America, where vicious propaganda and personal destruction decide who governs the country.

The system is rigged against us and has been for years.  Meanwhile, I look wistfully on all of those unused telephone poles and street lights.....[SIGH]...does anyone have the telephone number of the Pentagon?

Of course, this post was (somewhat) satirical.  I wouldn't really want to stage a military coup in America.  The red states should just secede from the union instead.


ruralcounsel said...

And they can't even be bothered to figure out where the current President was born, what he really did in Columbia or Harvard, why he and his wife no longer have their law licenses, or to investigate all the conflicts of interest surrounding his state office and Michelle's $400k "job" in Illinois, what social security number(s) he's used over the past couple of's a disturbingly long list.

Stogie said...

Wow, I'd like to know more, since it is unlikely that I will ever read about it in the mainstream media.

Georgi Y. Dimitrov said...

Americans must come together and to prohibit all socialism, Nazism, Liberalism, Islam, communism and all other forms of totalitarianism in the U.S. Constitution.