Monday, November 07, 2011

Who Is Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek? Details Here.

Sharon Bialek (L) and Gloria Allred (R)
Cain's latest sexcapades accuser is one Sharon Bialek from Chicago.  There is one Sharon Bialek listed in Chicago, and she is 59 years old.  She has changed addresses several times in the past few years.  Apparently, this Sharon Bialek has also used an alias, if this is the Sharon Bialek in question.

One of my contacts says he thinks the Sharon Bialek in the videos is much younger than 59, but I don't think so.  Hair bleach and makeup can do wonders for older women nowadays. (Per Wikipedia, Gloria Allred is 70 years old but looks much younger.) Also, per Chuck Goudie (discussed below), Bialek's fiancee is one Mark S Harwood of Mundelein, IL.  The only Mark S Harwood listed was born in 1953, making him 58 years of age, so I do believe the 59 year old Sharon described above is the person in question.

Close Up Indicates Bailek Is Not So Young
According to Chuck Goudie at, Bialek has held numerous jobs, had a child out of wedlock and has two personal bankruptcies on her record.  Apparently, Bialek has struggled financially.

Could her recent allegations be motivated by a desire for money?  Or is it merely a desire for attention, her "15 minutes of fame"?  What's in it for Gloria Allred, and who is paying her fees?

Update:  I found a close-up of Bailek with Allred that shows Bailek's heavy makeup and skin lines; in this photo she doesn't look so young.  In fact, she looks like she puts her makeup on with a trowel.


Reliapundit said...

and paula jones was trailer trash and gennifer flowers a golddigger and broderick a liar.

and bill clinton a saint.

yeah sure.

Stogie said...


None of the cases you mention have any bearing on the facts of this case. The epithets you attribute to Jones, Flowers and Broderick are highly subjective, unproved opinions; the facts of Sharon Bialek's financial and other troubles are a matter of documented fact, and fair game for analysis in light of her accusations against Cain, i.e., to determine her motivations in publicly announcing this 14 year old alleged encounter.

Randy-g said...

Something is askew here. Allred is a money vacuum. If Cain was the serial harasser he is being made out to be, he would not have a campaign staff, no one would have signed on for this.