Saturday, March 26, 2011

Al Qaeda Fighting Alongside the Libyan Rebels?

The architects of 911, the fanatical Muslim extremists called Al Qaeda, are now fighting alongside the Libyan rebels.  Some of these vermin are veterans of the Iraq war, where they fought against American troops.

Now, thanks to Barack Obama, Al Qaeda and other Muslim fanatics have a much greater chance of overthrowing the current government of Libya and replacing it with one that is worse, one that is more aggressive and openly at war with the United States.

Like I said in an earlier post, we don't know enough about the Libyan rebels to know if they are friend or foe, and for that reason (and others), our intervention in Libya was naive and reckless.

Those on the right who have enthusiastically supported Obama's ill-advised adventurism should take note.

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Always On Watch said...


And there's also evidence that Al Qaeda in Libya has now seized surface-to-air missiles.

OBL is on the move again -- literally.