Saturday, March 05, 2011

Announcing CHARLIE SHEEN TEQUILA! (Photoshop, Satire)

Now you too can immerse yourself in drunken debauchery!  Buy a case today.  Or Two.

Didn't like that one?  How about this one, where Charlie is poignantly, tragically immersed in a bottle of gin, drowning in his own drunken decadence.  You are supposed to look at it and see the tragedy of alcohol abuse, then imagine how deep and sensitive I am to point it out to you.  It's not as if poor Charlie were responsible for himself, for godsake.  He is merely a victim of society.  Boo hoo!


The Griper said...

Ohhh you are a meanie, Stogie. lol

Stogie said...

I know! :)

1389 said...

Good satirical art!

Charlie Sheen's problem is a spiritual one: the unrestrained sin of pride. He violates the First Commandment by worshipping himself. He thinks he is God, but he isn't.

Stogie said...

1389, Sheen is definitely delusional all right. He seems to be having a serious psychotic episode.