Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anarchist Rioters Trash London to Protest Budget Cuts

I believe it was The Other McCain who noted that the left's sense of entitlement is now so pronounced that it represents a lethal threat.  He was talking about Wisconsin, but now the massive temper tantrum over free money has reached London.  British freeloaders, suddenly cut off from the mother's milk of socialism, are rioting there at half a million strong, smashing office windows, defacing buildings and attacking police.

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."   Socialism has run out of other people's money and the spending must stop.  When the spending stops, however, the temper tantrums begin.

Governments trying to restore fiscal solvency are like parents with spoiled children.  If the parents don't give in to every whimsical demand of their over aged, selfish brats, they run the risk of violence.  Their spoiled children may smash the house and even beat up the parents.  It is easy to spoil children but not always so easy to regain control and reassert authority.  The Wisconsin protests and the London riots are proof of that.

The left has been making major efforts to install socialism in recent years, and their efforts seem to have increased with the election of Barack Obama.  With "global warming" revealed for the scam it is, the "carbon credits" plan to redistribute wealth is more unlikely, the left understands that their gravy train is coming to an end.  So they must make a major effort in the only way they know how, through loud demonstrations, property damage and violence.

It won't work, though.  Socialism is a major failure and most people know it.  Socialism is passé and the world has moved on.  The day of the dinosaur will not return, in spite of the left's purple Barney fantasies.


John said...

I suppose Khaddafi is an anarchist too?

Stogie said...

John, if you trying to make a point, it escapes me.