Friday, March 11, 2011

The Big Picture: Stogie Explains the Peter King Hearings

Welcome to our Islamic future
Being the deeply wise savant that we all know I am, I have consulted the tea leaves and now come forth to explain the Peter King hearings on Islamic radicalization.  Here it is.

Peter King's hearings on Islamic radicalization.  King wants to hold hearings and elicit testimony on how and why Muslim youth in America become radicalized, and why domestic Muslims do not generally cooperate with law enforcement to stop the threat of domestic terrorism.

Explanation:  King need not hold hearings because the answers are already known.  Here they are:

Islamic terrorism is a product of Islam itself.  The Koran and the Haddiths are the holy scriptures of Islam, and they command continuing violence against those who do not convert to Islam.  The Haddiths provide the example of the "prophet" Muhammad, who was a ruthless and murderous warlord.  Muslims are encouraged to emulate this man, and to do that they must become ruthless and violent and/or support those who are.

Terrorism is a key component of the Islamic faith.  Where you have large numbers of Muslims mixing with non-Muslims, some of the former will always attack the latter.  Many Muslims believe that they must murder a Jew as a condition for entering paradise; others believe that dying for the faith is a sure ticket to Heaven.  Why?  Because Islamic texts clearly teach this.

Solution:  Without a significant change in the beliefs of Muslims, separation is the only feasible solution.  This can be achieved as follows:
  • Cease all Muslim immigration into the United States.  
  • Encourage those already here to leave, with public assistance to do so.  
  • Profile Muslims seeking to buy airline tickets.  
  • Remove the non-profit status of mosques and prohibit the building of new ones.
  • If terrorism continues, move to the next stage which should include interment camps and forced removal.
  • Muslims in America will have loud snit-fits over the hearings in an effort to stop them and reveal what the stealth-jihadis don't want widely known, i.e. the irredeemably violent nature of Islam.
  • The majority of Americans do not understand the beliefs, practices and history of Islam.  Many believe the fiction that the violent ones are untypical fanatics who have "hijacked" the religion.  They will therefore not be sympathetic to their own survival.
  • Many believe that the U.S. Constitution is indeed a suicide pact that will prevent any legal moves to remove Islam from our midst.
  • Muslims will continue to portray themselves as victims of a new "McCarthyism," and assert that they are being "singled out" just because they are different.  (They're right -- they are the only major religion that advocates murdering members of other faiths.)
  • Democrats will support the Muslims and do everything possible to prevent an effective strategy to deal with the terrorist threat.  They will be supported in this effort by Democrat propaganda outlets, i.e. those in academia and the mass media.  Republicans and anti-jihadi groups will be effectively painted as bigoted, racist and utterly backward.
Probable Outcome:
Nothing will be done to stop the threat.  Americans would rather die as politically correct than survive.  In fifty years the United States will join Europe in becoming part of the new caliphate, i.e. as a Muslim nation.


Always On Watch said...

I can't dispute one word of this post.

Stogie said...

Why thaks AOW! Someone called Montana wrote a bitter and lengthy rebuttal but then deleted it. Too bad, it was quite interesting though weak.

Old Rebel said...

I never could understand the government's reaction to 9/11:

"Islamic radicals have attacked America. So we must do three things: Send US troops 8,000 miles away while ignoring the border and encouraging more Muslim immigration."

That's insanity!