Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Sector Unions: a New Form of Tyranny

I have been arguing with pro-union bloodsuckers at YouTube, over a "Young Turks" video favoring unions and demanding the ouster of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Most of the commenters there don't want to take me on, because frankly, their arguments are an embarrassment.  Those arguments are well summarized by the cartoon on the left.

Public Sector unions have a great deal going with the Democratic Party:  you support our exorbitant wages and benefits and we'll support you for election and re-election.  Further, we will use our members to picket, canvas and get out the vote, all in your favor.

Defeat of the public sector unions is an absolute necessity for the average taxpayer, to avoid being taxed to death.

Steve Malanga at City Journal, writing a year ago, describes how public sector unions have destroyed the state of California.  I found the article by researching a charge by one of the ignorant unionists at YouTube.  He argued that public sector unions in California are very weak and that's why the state if falling apart!  That's like saying a man dying of arsenic poisoning needs a bigger dose.

Malanga's article is called The Beholden State.  Do read it if you want to know how the public sector unions have destroyed the Golden State.


Always On Watch said...

Honestly, most Americans do not see what's coming down the pike with regard to the financial havoc these public sector unions are wreaking.

The taxpayer is indeed approaching a skeletal form as depicted in this post's graphic.

And, yet, these unions demand more and more perks paid by the taxpayers.

The destruction of California, as described by Malanga, is ongoing in other states as well.

It's only a matter of time before the breaking point is reached all across America.

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