Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A World in Turmoil, A Fool for a Leader

Let's see what the good news is today:

1.  Food prices see highest jump since 1974
2.  Japan is in ruins with possible nuclear disaster in the making
3.  Gas prices are over $4 a gallon (with higher prices on the way)
4.  Palestinian scum murders infant and toddler in Israel
5.  Liberals and Muslims highly agitated over King hearings, fear someone may hold them accountable for terrorism, mass murder and treason

Meanwhile, we have a fool in the White House who hasn't a clue how to fix any of these problems.  His latest behavior suggests passive aggression -- he deals with stress by ignoring the problems, while playing golf and studying the college basketball playoffs.

If you read nothing else today, do read the following:

Drill Baby Drill (Again) -- Jim Lacey of National Review Online describes the fantastic reserves we have of coal, natural gas and oil, and how we can't touch them because "progressives" won't let us.  Energy costs are rising and will rise even further; American families will suffer like never before.  If there is one great cause to which we should give priority, it is that of energy independence, something that will never be achieved while the Democrat party exists.  Lacey writes:
Unless we start drilling immediately, in a few years we will look back at $100-a-barrel oil as a fond memory. Surging demand in emerging nations, a ravenous China, and the needs of hopefully growing U.S. and European economies will soon outstrip supplies. Once that happens for a prolonged period, the price of oil will not stop south of $200. Present estimates place spare oil-production capacity at approximately 4 million barrels a day (MBD), most of which is in Saudi Arabia. As demand grew at an annualized rate of 3.3 MBD last quarter, it is clear that we are almost at the end of our tether.
Why They Celebrate Murdering Children -- Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online is one pundit who "gets it" with regard to Islam.  He writes:
Muslims, in fact, are more often exhorted by their scriptures to brutalize non-Muslims than Christians are urged by the gospels to love their enemies and turn the other cheek. Yet, though we assume the latter are meant to take the message to heart, we are somehow sure Islam doesn’t really mean what it says — that when Muslims strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, it must be Israel’s fault, or America’s, or something, anything, other than Islam, the only common denominator in these attacks.

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