Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dick "Turbin" Durbin Holds Hearings on Bias Against Muslims

Dick Durbin, US Senator from Illinois, has found the perfect liberal response to the King hearings on Islamic radicalization in America.  Durbin is conducting his own hearings on discrimination against Muslims.

Robert Spencer says Durbin's hearings are a PC charade designed to paint Muslims as victims.  I agree.  Democrats like Durbin can never pass up an opportunity to pose and posture as the champions of tolerance and enlightenment, no matter how fake their act.

Lawrence Auster, of View From the Right, explains the pro-Islam mindset of liberals and some conservatives (like Glenn Beck).  He writes:
Western liberals cannot allow themselves to take in the fact that Islam actually exists, that Islam is an entity defined by certain unchanging characteristics and teachings, because if that were true, if Islam had an essence and this essence commands our subjugation and destruction, then we would simply have to recognize that Muslims are an eternal threat to us and deal with them accordingly. Which would bring to an end the liberal project of constructing a single harmonious world living under a single shared (democratic, American-oriented) belief system. Therefore Western liberals, including “conservatives,” insist that Islam is not an objective category or entity which requires its followers to behave a certain way, but simply a variegated collection of people who happen to share the common name “Muslims,” but beyond the common name, they share nothing essential. As a collection of people, they are just like us; some are good, some bad, some violent, some peaceful, etc. Therefore when a Muslim commits an act of jihad, he is not following the sacred commands of Islam, he is just a misbehaving individual. In short, Islam doesn’t kill people, people kill people.
Read Spencer's take on the Durbin hearings here.  Meanwhile, my tactful Photoshop below expresses the subtle nuances of this sociological phenomenon.

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