Friday, March 18, 2011

Jim Shankman is a Liar and a Coward

A couple of days ago Ann Althouse, a law professor and blogger in Madison, Wisconsin, received a threatening message from one of the pro-union leftists there.  Now the leftist has been identified as one Jim Shankman, who maintains a blog at this link.  Shankman had threatened to harrass Althouse until she leaves Wisconsin, promising that "We will fuck you up."

Now this leftist pussy has written a rationalization for his thuggish behavior.  He writes:
Ann Althouse and Meade advocate torture, attack against nonviolent protesters, police-state crackdowns on citizens exercising their constitutional rights, class privilege, race privilege, and basically the full spectrum of assaults against American democracy advocated by the radical, revolutionary wing of the republican party. They are unkind, unChristian and anti-American.
There is absolutely no truth in Shankman's screed; he just makes up outrageous claims to support his profound ignorance and immaturity.  He sounds like an ex-college student who was thoroughly marinated in crazy, moonbat, leftist ideology before he flunked out. Now he spends his time on a righteous crusade to slay the evil demons that exist only in his tiny little mind.

Anyone can make things up and then attribute the lies to his enemies.  Let's try it:
Jim Shankman advocates Marxist communism, the enslavement of all productive working people who will then be forced to supply the lazy, pot-smoking left with a high standard of living while the latter lounge about all day, sucking their thumbs and playing video games and producing nothing of value.  He represents everything that is decadent, backward, despotic, ignorant and false in the Democratic Party.
Whoops!  I meant to write something obviously false, ridiculous and exaggerated to prove my point.  However, it appears I have written a fair semblance of the truth about Jim Shankman.  My bad.

One thing I will say to Shankman is this:  don't threaten one of us, you pimply little punk.  Are you naive enough to believe that your threatened aggression will be passively accepted?   Guess again, punk.

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1389 said...

I hope this bozo has been reported to the FBI.

Not that I trust the FBI to do their jobs any more.

Always On Watch said...

He sounds like an ex-college student who was thoroughly marinated in crazy, moonbat, leftist ideology before he flunked out.


Thank God that I teach conservative homeschool students.

Stogie said...

AOW, that's cool. My five grandkids are all homeschooled too.