Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Democrat to Republican: "You Are F***king Dead!"

John at Powerline wrote about the increase in liberal hate-speech and threats of violence these days. Specifically, he referred to an incident in the Wisconsin Assembly. Immediately after the Republicans had passed their budget in Wisconsin's Assembly, Rep. Gordon Hintz (D Oshkosh) turned to Rep. Michelle Litjens (R-Winneconne) and yelled, "You are f****** dead!"

There is a great deal of violent talk going on these days, substantially all of it by liberals. You could try to explain it by saying it is because they are losing, but conservatives didn't go postal when they were losing just a few years ago. I think there is a close correlation between anger and liberalism. Many liberals--not all, but a great many--are liberal precisely because they seethe with resentment against the world. It doesn't take much for that anger to break through, as we are seeing very often these days.
John is right.  When you pull the pacifier out of a spoiled baby's mouth, he is likely to scream and bawl quite loudly.  That leads to another psychological phenomenon so terribly obvious from the left, that of psychological projection.   People often see in others the very same attributes that they so hate or fear in themselves; the liberal left continually decries conservatives as boiling with anger, hatred and racism, when these attributes are so much more obvious in themselves.