Friday, March 25, 2011

Fedora Hats: I'm In Trouble Now!

Uh oh, hope wifey doesn't look at the bank statement too closely in the next few days.  I bought two new hats today, what are known as "Pork Pie" fedora hats.

Now everyone knows that a fedora is a must part of the uniform for citizen journalists (aka bloggers); however, other variations of the fedora can be used for other purposes.  For example, the "Pork Pie" hat is de riguer for jazz musicians, and is now being used by rockers and other musicians as well.

I like the look.  Here are the ones I bought today:

Stacy Adams Pork Pie Hat, Wool

Brown Suede Pork Pie Hat


smitty1e said...

I'm going to have to check with DaTechGuy as to whether this meets Axis of Fedora qualifications.

Stogie said...

Smitty, Pork Pie hats are probably unacceptable as Axis of Fedora head wear. However, they are very acceptable for musicians and since I'm in a band, I just had to have some!

I have several regular fedoras for Axis of Fedora purposes.