Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gas Back to $4.00+ per Gallon

The Mideastern turmoil has helped gasoline prices to again soar past $4.00 per gallon.  In some places it is already up to $5.00 per gallon (per news reports).

American families will continue being pushed economically by soaring energy prices.  However, the Democrats will do nothing to alleviate the situation with increased domestic drilling, additional oil refineries, coal plants and nuclear power plants.  Do Democrats want the average American family to suffer?  Apparently so.  What other explanation is there?

See the left side panel on facts about Democrat voting records on energy compared to those of Republicans.


Always On Watch said...

And not only gasoline prices!

Those of us who heat with oil are screwed. I dread my next bill, which will likely approach $2000 for two months.

Stogie said...

Wow, I hadn't considered that. There is no oil heating in California that I know of.

My only question is: why haven't the people marched on the Capitol and tarred and feathered every damn Democrat?