Friday, March 11, 2011

A Cure for Depression: Gov Walker Signs Bill Ending Public Employee Collective Bargaining Rights

My depression has been rather severe for months now.  My mental depression is strongly linked to the Democrats' economic depression.  However, this morning I read on the news that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has signed into law the new bill ending the collective bargaining rights of most public sector employees.  Good!  That made me feel better.  No doubt Walker's move will help alleviate both forms of depression (economic as well as mental).

State employee unions have pushed wages and benefits into the stratosphere, bankrupting several states, the worst of which is California.  Unfortunately for California, the Dems are in complete control of the state and won't do anything about it.  In Wisconsin, the Republicans have the governor's chair and the majority.

Cubachi has the story here.  Hat tip to Riehl World View.

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