Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libyan War Utterly Frivolous, Like the American President

Last night Obama gave a speech to the nation explaining (rationalizing) his incursion into the Libyan civil war.  Most analyses on the right indicate the speech was frivolous:  glittering generalities, patriotic slogans, posing and posturing, but no convincing arguments as to why the incursion was necessary.  Proof, a blogger at Left Coast Rebel, does a good job of fisking Obama's excuses for the war at this link.

Rush Limbaugh believes that Obama's incursion is more about the presidential election of 2012 than it is anything else.  Absent some unforeseen events, Obama has lost the independents and is headed for electoral defeat in 2012.  Obama wants to look like a "strong leader," and saw the Libyan civil war as the means to that end.  The Libyan incursion, however, is the frivolous yet dangerous and desperate act of a failed president.


Debbie said...

Love the image! Obama going into Libya probably has something to do with the 2012 elections, but I think there is more to it.

Who can know the true motives when you have a mixture of Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and Muslim sympathizers behind the scenes.

Right Truth

Stogie said...

Thanks Debbie.

Old Rebel said...

It's no mystery why Obama's getting the US mired in Libya. Every time the US gets into a Third-World war, the people in the affected country migrate en masse here. Already, Italy is flooded with Libyan refugees.

Give Obama a break, Stogie. He hasn't met his Muslim immigrant quota for the year. He's just trying to catch up.

Stogie said...

Old Rebel, more refugees immigrating to the West will probably be one of the results of this nonsense.

The one thing that stands out, however, is the extent to which some presidents will go to stay in office. Getting into unnecessary wars and killing people is one of those strategies, and it is sick.

1389 said...

That's exactly what Obama is - an empty suit - and one who does the bidding of others. But that does not absolve him from responsibility for his errors and misdeeds.

Why the US/European Intervention In Libya Is WRONG