Monday, October 31, 2011

Acrimonious Arab Threatens Stogie

Some acerbic Arab has been sending me highly incendiary email, calling me names and otherwise threatening me, for posting a graphic about "Arab Spring Soap." The graphic is pretty tame stuff but obviously Raghed Kameljokkie has a low boiling point.  The subject of his email was "Hey There Bigot."

The "Arab Spring" specifically refers to the Islamic fundamentalist revolutions taking place in Egypt, Libya, Syria and other Muslim countries.  The graphic I created clearly shows these Obama-celebrated revolutions for what they are, Islamic movements that will result in governments that are more anti-American, anti-Israel and pro-terrorist.  They aren't "spring time" for tolerance, peace or pluralism, that's for sure, and we have no business supporting them.  The revolutionaries are not our friends, and I have been proven right about the Arab Spring movement.  The flag of Al-Qaeda now flies over Benghazi

So I have no apologies to make, my criticism of the "Arab Spring" was and is an accurate depiction.  Obama was very wrong to have supported it, and so were some really dumb Republicans and alleged conservatives.

I did a google search and found out that Mr. Kameljokkie writes for the leftist rag Huffington Post.  I also traced his email to Apple Computer in Washington, D.C.

Then I did a search for his address and phone number and found them easily.  I wonder what his employer would think if they knew their employee was using the company computers and systems to harrass and cyberstalk me?

I emailed him his address, phone number and place of employment, and that may discourage him from further attacks.  We'll see.

Update:  Mr. Kameljokkie has apologized and now suggests that we be friends.  Okay by me.


Bartender Cabbie said...

Mr. Kameljokkie? I think I know him. Doesn't he own a couple convenience stores that sell Citgo gasoline?

Stogie said...

That's him!