Monday, October 31, 2011

Socialist Fantasies: If You Need Something, Destroy Its Source

Socialism is a philosophy by which all prosperity and economic activity is stamped out like a fire on the living room rug.  Socialists find items needed by the masses, then destroy the means of production so that those items are no longer produced.

For example:
An economy needs financing, so socialists hate banks.
An economy needs goods and services and jobs, so socialists hate corporations.
An economy needs investors, so socialists hate rich people.
An economy needs energy, so socialists hate oil drilling, oil refineries, nuclear power plants and coal.

Socialists are people who instinctively seek out what is good for prosperity, happiness and human freedom and then try their best to destroy it.  Socialism is a form of backward thinking, wherein up is down and left is right.  Hey, socialism is a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Here are some suggestions for socialists on how to do their job even better:
  1. Need milk?  Kill all the cows.
  2. Need apples?  Chop down all the apple trees.
  3. Need jobs?  Kill all the employers.
  4. Need guitars?  Destroy Gibson Guitar company.
  5. Need crops for food?  Hang all the farmers.
  6. Need shelter from the storm?  Burn down the house.
  7. Need medical care?  Destroy all the doctors.
Hey, this is kind of fun.  Perhaps you can think of things to add to the list.  

Somehow, if you destroy the means and the motives for production, Socialists believe great prosperity will result.  Lenin tried this back in the 1920's; the result was mass starvation.  But what the hell, let's do it all again! 

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