Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mignini's "Keystone Kops" Arrest British Doctor and Wife for Wild Poppies on Property

Giuliano Mignini
Visit Historic Perugia
Get Arrested
Spend Time In Jail
Another tale of the Italian troll posing as a prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini.  This time he arrested a British doctor and his wife for wild poppies growing on their farm near Perugia, Italy.  Apparently, the poppies grew wild and on their own after the doctor had cleared the land during a restoration of the property.  Perugia's "Keystone Kops" arrested the doctor and his wife, both 58, in a dawn raid last Tuesday, sending an overwhelming force of patrol cars to apprehend the two, who spent the next three days in prison.  Apparently, the police believed the doctor to be growing illegal poppies for heroin production.
Clive Gillis, 58, was released yesterday after three days in prison when a judge threw out the case against him and his wife Nina. Mrs Gillis was freed from the hospital ward of a women's jail.

The GP from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was the victim of jealousy from his neighbours, according to Niclaflavia Restivo, the judge who ruled the case lacked "any serious evidence".
So once again we see how easily it is for innocent people in Perugia, Italy to have their lives upset and their freedom abruptly ended for dubious reasons.  Since the Amanda Knox travesty, however, Perugian judges seem to be on the lookout for such nonsense, well aware that the world is watching.

It is amazing to me just how ready the Perugian police are to arrest first and ask questions later.  Couldn't they have performed an initial investigation first?  Interviewed the doctor, ran a background check?  Discussed a possible arrest with a judge in advance?  But no, the spirit of Mussolini is alive and well and living in Perugia.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your absolutely right about the spirit of Mussolini being alive and well in Italy. Things have gotten very bad there in the last few years. I don't think anyone should be going to Perugia and if you're there I think you should leave.

Stogie said...

Anon, I agree. Too bad, I always wanted to see the Coliseum!

Adrienne said...

I grow opium poppies and collect the seeds, too.

Oh, the horrors!

Originally got the seeds from a dearly departed sweet little old lady.

Stogie said...

Adrienne, really?

Here in California, orange poppies grow everywhere and are the state flower. They are lovely.

Adrienne said...

Want some seeds? I can sure drop some int the mail. Opium poppies are gorgeous. One sub-set of the species has peony flowers...

david7134 said...

I would like to point out the things are worse here in the good old "free" US of A. The only difference is that SWAT would surly have shot the doctor. Italy is a nice place, the people are great, the govenment sucks, the food is great and you can't beat the history. Now, the US, we have no freedom here but constantly assue each other that we are the freest of the free.

Stogie said...

David, we are definitely less free than we used to be, but at least we can still criticize public officials (like the execrable Mignini) without fear of arrest.