Sunday, October 23, 2011

Revulsion for Homosexuality: Learned or Inherent Behavior?

I used to think that tolerating homosexuality made me pretty broad-minded.  By tolerance I mean not being hateful to gays, or unkind, or trying to get them fired from their jobs, or making them social outcasts.  My position was this:  I am in favor of tolerance of gays, as long as I don't have to watch gay behavior or think about it.  To each his own, live and let live.

However, militant gays find my position unacceptable.  Tolerance is no longer good enough.  They want homosexuality to be viewed as normal and as natural as heterosexuality; they want full social and cultural acceptance.  They want a guy marrying another guy to be as unremarkable as a guy marrying a blonde or a redhead.  Is this even possible?

I suppose the real question is this:  is heterosexual revulsion to homosexuality learned or inherent behavior?  Is it even possible for militant gays to achieve their goal of complete and unreserved acceptance of their lifestyle?

I googled this question on the web and found little to support either position.  If anyone knows of any studies along these lines, please so inform me.  Whatever the truth is, let it be revealed.


bro said...

it's as normal as eating worms

Stogie said...

Bro, my feelings exactly. However, some cultures do eat worms and think nothing of it! So you're saying it's learned behavior?

Whether it is learned or inherent or a combination of the two, homosexuality serves no purpose beyond sexual gratification. It produces no families and no future generations. It is a genetic dead end, and I hope that scientists in the future both determine the cause and develop a cure for this humanity-ending disorder.

bro said...

It is certainly learned behavior. I have learned that every thought that pops into your mind is not to be trusted. You know my position on religion. I present this aberration as proof there are forces to be resisted.

Nightowl2548 said...

Of course disgust with homosexuality is inherent, other than a gay, what guy in their right mind would want to get on top of a hairy Bluto type and do his poop filled butt in the missionary position, topped off with french kissing none the less. Sounds like one of the most nauseating things one could ever imagine. Yet the political gays are convinced that Christianity is the sole culprit in anti gay feelings. As if a Brett Farve type was just sitting around on the couch one day and thought to himself "Gee, I'd really love to head down to the Blue Oyster and have gay sex, but darn it, the bible tells me not to so I guess I'll just have to become a homophobe instead." Those few obscure bible verses that deal with homosexuality are merely used by certain dolts to justify their inherent disgust, not the cause of it. More creative people like Sam Kinnison cut right to the heart of the matter.