Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Leftists Do: "Occupy Wall Street" Is the Same Old Scam

Lawrence Auster, who has a talent for describing situations with exactitude, describes the "Occupy Wall  Street" movement as the same-old leftist nonsense:
Perhaps the best way to understand Occupy Wall Street is simply that it is a typical leftist manifestation. These are leftists doing—with variations—what leftists always do. And the support that the Democratic establishment are giving the Occupy movement is also what leftists always do. And the media’s hyping of the Occupy movement, trying to make us believe that this is the emergent direction of America and that it represents the cutting edge of a revolutionary transformation of society, is also what leftists always do. And the efforts by some commentators to convince us that this is not the familiar left but a new political phenomenon joining left and right in a way that’s never happened before, is also what leftists always do. And the fragmentation among the protesters, and between the protesters and the leftist establishment, leading to disarray and disillusionment and ultimately the demise of this cause until the next leftist cause comes along giving the left yet another vehicle with which to damage society, is also what leftists always do. There is nothing new here.
See discussion here.

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