Tuesday, October 04, 2011

NY Post: Amanda Knox Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini's Actions Bordered on the Criminal

An excellent article about the Nutcase of Perugia, Italy, Giuliano Mignini, from the New York Post:
Giuliano Mignini, the 60-year-old magistrate who oversaw the failed Amanda Knox prosecution, has put forth wild and bizarre hypotheses about the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

His actions, according to many observers, not only laid the groundwork for Knox's Monday acquittal by an Italian appeals court-but were outright unprofessional and bordering on the criminal. He was even censured last year for abusing his office.
Bordering on the criminal?  Presenting faked evidence in court and destroying exonerating evidence would appear FULLY criminal to this observer.  I suspect Italy will be taking a good long look at Mignini and the damage he has wrought.  Apparently, Mignini, who has been convicted of abuses of office in one trial, awaits another trial in November (probably the appeals trial).  This trial stems from Mignini's handling of the Narducci case, where he prosecuted 20 innocent people for their imaginary ties to the serial killings in the Monster of Florence case.

Now that there are two newly vacated cells in Capanne Prison, perhaps Mr.  Mignini will at long last see true justice in this case...through steel  bars.  As Doug Preston, who was once targeted by Mignini and forced to flee Italy, says:
"Mignini's malicious and completely unwarranted accusations ruined many lives and impoverished the defendants and their families," said Preston, coauthor of "The Monster of Florence." In any event, Knox has been freed and Mignini is now the one awaiting trial.
Ah, Karma's a bitch, hey Giuliano?

Read the whole article here.

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