Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arrest Record of the "Occupy Wall Street" Mobs (by Lloyd Marcus)

Liberals and some of their friends in the news media keep advancing the false narrative that the "Occupy Wall Street" mobs have been peaceful. However, an investigation by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama reveals something different.

According to our investigation, more than 1,500 people have already been for arrested for charges including assaulting police officers, disorderly contact, trespassing and more.

Here's a rundown of the arrests we've thus far been able to document, by date:
September 18 – New York, NY: 2 Arrests
September 19 – New York, NY: 5 Arrests
September 24 – New York, NY: 80 Arrests
October 1 – New York, NY: 700 Arrests
October 5- St. Louis, MO: 10 Arrests
October 6 – Los Angeles, CA: 11 Arrests
October 6 – San Francisco, CA: 1 Arrest
October 6 – Santa Barbara, CA: 9 Arrests
October 7 – Sacramento, CA: 19 Arrests
October 8 – Des Moines, IA: 32 Arrests
October 11 – Boston, MA: 140 Arrests
October 11 – Washington, D.C.: 6 Arrests
October 11 – Chicago, IL: 21 Arrests
October 12 – Houston, TX: 8 Arrests
October 12 – San Francisco, CA: 11 Arrests
October 13 – Austin, TX: 4 Arrests
October 13 – Seattle, WA: 10 Arrests
October 13 – Portland, OR: 8 Arrests
October 13 – Gainesville, FL: 4 Arrests
October 14 – New York, NY: 14 Arrests
October 14 – Seattle, WA: 1 Arrests
October 14 – Denver, CO: 24 Arrests
October 14 – San Diego, CA: 1 Arrest
October 15 – New York, NY: 92 Arrests
October 15 – Minneapolis, MN: 1 Arrest
October 15 – Raleigh, NC: 15 Arrests
October 15 – Tucson, AZ: 53 Arrests
October 15 – Phoenix, AZ: 46 Arrests
October 16 – Chicago, IL: 175 Arrests
October 16 – Washington, D.C.: 19 Arrests
October 16 – Phoenix, AZ: 3 Arrests

What is particularly interesting about these arrests is that they are actually understated. You see, liberal city officials across the country have allowed protesters to engage in unlawful behavior that if YOU were to engage in, you'd be arrested for.

However, these Democrat officials have allowed protesters to break the law, and have instructed law enforcement to engage in these illegal acts without consequence.

This is in stark contrast to rallies held by the Tea Party movement where protests were peaceful and where participants thanked law enforcement officials and cleaned up after themselves.

It's time to call these protest mobs for what they are: unruly mobs laced with socialists and communists who are intent on attacking the American principles of free markets and capitalism.

Please help us get the truth out to the American people showing what these mobs are really about, and the shameful actions of Democrat Leaders, including Barack Obama, to help promote them.

We here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are preparing a national TV ad campaign exposing these mobs for what they are, and the fact that Democrat political leaders are shamefully providing them cover. We've raised enough money to produce these TV ads (which are nearly compete), but now need to raise money to purchase the airtime for these ads to be seen. Please help us purchase TV ad time for this effort by making a contribution - HERE

With your support we will expose the "Occupy Wall Street" mobs for exactly what they are: an effort to shove socialism down our throat here in America.

You can make a contribution online - HERE.

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