Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox: Italian Justice System on Trial

The verdict in Amanda Knox's appeals trial is expected today around 4 pm PST (2 pm on the east coast).  What we have learned from this case is that Italian justice leaves a lot to be desired.  There is no habeas corpus, no protections against self-incrimination, no prevention of double jeopardy, and no right to a speedy trial.

Per author Douglas Preston, who wrote a book, the Monster of Florence, the Italian system is rife with corruption, coerced statements, lawyer vendettas, forced confessions, planted evidence and other illegal methods.

Today Italy has an opportunity to change course, to right at least one wrong in its system of justice, and that is to acquit Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of a murder that they obviously had nothing to do with.  The question is, will the jurors in this trial place more importance on their cultural ties than on facts and evidence?

Italians accord great respect and esteem to a father-figure, the prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.  Will they base their decision on this misplaced deference, or will they base their decision on facts and evidence?  We shall see.


johny lajoie said...

Knox's family spent millions to convince American media that their daughter was wrongly convicted. The facts remain that despite a far from perfect investigation, Knox lied on several occasions and her story simply doesn't check. No need to blame the Italians for their Justice perfect, it might not be perfect either, but it's nothing like what's described in that book.

Stogie said...

Johny, oh horse shit. Their daughter WAS wrongly convicted, as many legal experts and investigators have stated. Also, Amanda never lied about anything and you have given no specific examples because you can't.

You are just regurgitating the prosecution's lies and propaganda, and what makes you such an expert on the Italian system of justice? Are you aware that Mignini has prosecuted 21 other people on false charges and for crimes they did not commit? Also, Raffaele is an Italian citizen last time I checked. Get a clue, son.

Giulia S. said...

"Italian system is rife with corruption, coerced statements, lawyer vendettas, forced confessions, planted evidence and other illegal methods." ??? Oh please shut up! and the American one's?

Stogie said...

Giulia, no system is perfect, but ours is a hell of a lot better than the one in the banana republic called Italy. Shut up yourself.

Anonymous said...

yes, i'll be volgar: this is refered to the picture, and to mr. stogie, remember Guantanamo and shut your mouth up before to criticize my country, you assholes. then take a look here you genius

Stogie said...

The cable car disaster was an accident, but Mignini's disasters are on purpose, and the fact that your government allows a man like this to ruin many lives does not speak well of Italy. Indeed, the Italian system of justice is deeply flawed, and that hurts more Italians than anyone else. But go ahead and be blindly patriotic. Maybe someday they will come for you too.