Friday, October 28, 2011

Texas Loses World Series

Last year when my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, played Texas in the World Series, I was somewhat torn.  Texas is the birthplace home of my parents and grandparents and many of my relatives still live there.  I wrote at the time that if Texas were playing anyone else, I would be rooting for Texas.

Texas gave me that chance by going back to the World Series again this year, this time to play the St. Louis Cardinals.  The teams were very evenly matched and the series went the full seven games.  Texas's lack of pitching doomed it in Game 6, an 11 inning affair where the lead changed from inning to inning until the Cards finally scored a home run in the bottom of the 11th to win the game.

Twice in Game 6, Texas was only one strike away from winning the series, but they couldn't get it done.  I knew then that they would lose the series.  A really hard-fought, close game like Game 6 takes a lot out of a team, both physically and emotionally.  Texas lost game 7 by a score of 6-2, missing its chance to win its first World Series ever.

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