Saturday, October 08, 2011

Nancy Grace: Farts, Exposes Herself on "Dancing With the Schmucks"

Up until very recently, I did not know who Nancy Grace is, nor did I wish to.  I became aware of her when she expressed her worthless opinion that Amanda Knox's release from an Italian jail was a "great miscarriage of justice."  What did Nancy Graceless base her opinions on?  Nothing much.  She may have seen the headlines on a tabloid in the checkout line at the supermarket.  She may have overhead some gossip in the coffee room at work.  Whatever.

Now it appears that Nancy's boob came out while dancing on the show "Dancing With the Schmucks Stars."  That was one controversy.  Another is when she allegedly farted while performing on the same program.  She blamed the flatulence on her dancing partner.  What class. What sass.  What an ass.

Some people have been confused by the identity of Nancy Graceless.  She is NOT Miss Piggy, in spite of an unusual resemblance.  See photos to help you differentiate the two.  (Miss Piggy is the thin one.  She also has class.)

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Always On Watch said...

I first became aware of Nancy Grace during the OJ trial.

Have you read about her in Wikipedia? Unbelievably, she was a prosecutor for 10 years.