Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cultural Differences Ended Marriage: Woman Cooked and Ate Husband

Be careful when entering an intercultural marriage.  Some cultures are quite compatible with one another:  my wife is Filipina, I am just a common white boy.  Our cultures are quite compatible:  she nags me constantly, makes me take out the garbage and gripes about crumbs I leave on the kitchen counter.  This is largely the same script common-culture marriages follow in the United States.

However, one poor schmuck married an Egyptian woman who turned out to be a cannibal.  After an argument, she stabbed him in the neck with a pair of scissors.  Other cultural and dietary differences were cited by the police:
Authorities said she tied up her husband of less than a month, killed him and decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled the body over the course of the Thanksgiving weekend, churning his parts through a garbage disposal that neighbors said ran nonstop in the hours after the murder.

Authorities found some of Nelson's body parts stuffed in garbage bags and mixed with leftover turkey, including a bag containing his entrails on the front floor of William's Corvette. They found "an abattoir" - a slaughterhouse - in the couple's Costa Mesa home, with blood pools on the floor, blood-stained sheets and walls, and no evidence of rape.

The man's hands had been fried in oil and his head boiled and stuffed in freezer, said Randy Pawlowski, a senior deputy district attorney in Orange County who prosecuted the case and argued against her release. His lower body and torso were skinned. Nelson sought help from two different friends, Pawlowski said, to try to remove her husband's teeth and dispose of his remains to cover her tracks - one of them alerted police.
The poor widow is now serving a 25-years-to-life sentence in California, where, surprisingly and shockingly, she was denied parole.  Too bad.  It is rumored that she has some new recipes to try out.

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