Friday, October 07, 2011

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini Expresses Mild Surprise at the Verdict in the Amanda Knox Appeals Trial (Photoshop, Satire)

Giuliano Mignini

I had ten times my usual number of hits the day Amanda Knox was acquitted in Italy. Now I am simply enjoying myself with Photoshop, getting in some digs at Giuliano Mignini, who expected to win the case and was truly shocked when he did not. Apparently, his delusions are not so crystal clear to the rest of the world as they are to him.

Italian Translation:


david7134 said...

I have been surprised at the reactions of Coulter and O'Reily to this case. Coulter does seem to be somewhat intelligent, but more of a mouth with a quick wit.O'Reily is not really a conservative and only differs in his desires for the government to enter our lives from that of the current group in power.

Stogie said...


It's amazing how many people have strong opinions that are based on nothing but rumor or personal prejudice.

Ann Coulter's star of fame is in descent and she is becoming less credible with the passing of time. I agree with you about O'Reilly. He's really a PC kind of guy.

Stogie said...

kick mignini OUT a Disgrace to idiotic italia