Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Muslim Murders Four Marines in Chatanooga

A Muslim, possibly an agent of ISIS, has opened fire on military facilities in Chatanooga, Tennessee.  Four marines were killed, and several people were wounded, including a police officer.

The gunman was killed.

As I have said many times before, Islam is an irredeemably violent ideology that is incompatible with pluralistic democracies.  It is a religion whose holy writ requires its followers to murder or enslave non-believers.  Muslims, like cannibals, head-shrinkers, practitioners of human sacrifice and other barbarism, have no place in America.  All mosques should be shut down and Muslims here invited to leave.  All further Muslim immigration into the United States should cease immediately.

Is this discrimination?  Hell yes, it is rational discrimination.  I am all for it.

Read more about the latest Muslim atrocity here.

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Mike said...

Now, Stogie, we can't judge Islam from the actions of several thousands of its adherents. No, the thing to do is to bring millions more here to this country so we can appreciate their unique contributions to our welcoming, multicultural empire.