Saturday, July 25, 2015

The NAACP-Fueled Hatred Grows: Will There Be Blood?

Vandalized Confederate Monument
Thanks to the nation's premiere racial-hate group, the NAACP, the South is now a powder keg of pent up emotions.  A group of black men stuck a shovel into Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave this week, dug up part of the grass near the grave, and said they would be back with a backhoe to dig the general up.  A Confederate descendant saw the vandalism on the news, and drove hundreds of miles to replace the grass.

In Arkansas, Confederate tombstones were toppled and many broken, in a historic cemetery, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage.  Confederate monuments were vandalized, including one in a cemetery (see photo left).

Do we have to start citizens' committees to guard our Confederate dead?  If so, let the guards be armed, and the vandals forewarned:  if we catch you desecrating graves and vandalizing monuments to our Confederate dead...there may be blood and it could be yours.  Do not tempt fate; people are very angry and emotions are high.

Destroyed Confederate Tombstones in Arkansas


Dusquene Whistler said...

According to the US Congress, since 1957 Confederate veterans are considered to be veterans of the United States Military eligible for benefits(the last one died in '58 so it was more or less symbolic). Isn't there a law against desecrating Veteran gravesites? Beyond any normal vandalism charges?

Stogie Chomper said...

I don't know, Dusquene.