Thursday, July 09, 2015

Confederate Soldier Pic of the Day: Butternut Kepi

Here's a handsome young Confederate soldier.  He's wearing a nice kepi hat and an interesting shell jacket -- interesting because of the unusual trim.  The bars on his shoulders indicate an officer, perhaps a lieutenant.

I colorized the image with Photoshop.  I gave the uniform a light butternut color; that was a beige color that was used when gray dye became hard to get, due to the blockade.

We do not know this soldier's name, where he came from or what happened to him -- did he survive the war?  Is he buried somewhere on some battlefield?

Because he is unknown, I posed his image in front of a tombstone to an unknown Confederate soldier.  Each of those stones represent a real human being who lived, fought, bled and died for his country.  We will not forget them, nor will we ever let the invader or his heirs pressure us to do so.

The war continues, but on a different kind of battlefield.

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