Sunday, July 26, 2015

Note to the NAACP: Don't Like Confederate Symbols? Tough -- Live With It

We all have to live with things we don't like -- strange customs, religions and beliefs.  Recently in the U.K., a Cafe owner was told to suppress the smell of cooking bacon because it offended Muslims living in the area.  Now the majority of Brits are not offended by the smell of cooking bacon, but the authorities insist that majority sensibilities take a back seat to a perpetually hostile, angry and demanding minority.  Hmm, now what does this remind me of?

You guessed it:  it reminds me of the NAACP and "Black Lives Matter" fanatics who think the world and everything in it is "all about them."  They, like the British Muslims, are a perpetually hostile, angry and demanding minority.  They insist that the majority of Southerners or even the majority of Americans, suppress their traditions, culture and sensibilities to the minority's preferences and biases.  As a result, all Confederate flags, monuments, paintings, songs -- and even graves -- must be ruthlessly suppressed, lest black people see them and be turned into pillars of salt.

Well too damn bad.  We all have to live with things we don't like.  It is necessary in a pluralistic society with people of many backgrounds and tastes.  For example, I hate seeing Abraham Lincoln's ugly mug on the five dollar bill and his picture in schools and public offices.  I am outraged that the greatest flouter of the Constitution in American history is hailed as a hero instead of the consummate tyrant that he was in real life.

I also don't like to see "Butcher" Grant's ugly face on the fifty dollar bill. I believe both Lincoln and Grant's images should be banned from the public square and not afforded any official recognition or respect.  It's okay, however, if private individuals want to display these cretins on private property.  For now, I will give Grant a pass on his grave site.  We won't dig him and his wife up anytime soon -- but keep those shovels sharp and ready, just in case.  One good "turn" deserves another.

Yes, we all have to put up with things we don't like.  And I really don't like the NAACP.  Truth be told, I'm not that crazy about Muslims either (imagine, not liking bacon!).

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