Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sons of Confederate Veterans to Oppose House and Senate Bills Attacking the Confederate Flag

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Even after the despicable removal of the flag from the South Carolina soldier's monument, the onslaught against our heritage continues, both locally and in the halls of Congress. 
Currently, there are two separate measures being considered, one in the House, and the other in the Senate.

The House bill would outlaw the display of any Confederate flag on our soldier's graves in certain national battlefield parks.  The Senate proposal would reduce the amount of federal highway funds given to any state which issues specialty license plates displaying our flag. 
Both of these bills face uphill battles to be enacted, but the fact that either of them have been proposed and are actually being considered should be alarming.  Follow the links below for more specific information on the status of these proposals.

It is suggested that our membership needs to "carpet bomb" our various representatives in Congress -- particularly southern Republicans -- with emails, phone calls, and letters expressing our outrage at these proposals. 
Further, those of you who plan to attend the upcoming national reunion in Richmond should, if possible, plan a side trip to Washington and pay a personal call on your representatives.  Well spoken words conveyed in person can have a disproportionally large effect.  It's time to step up, and do your part!

House Bill Update

Senate Bill Status

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Rick Darby said...

The huge Confederate flag someone put up (I don't know the circumstances) where it is visible from Interstate 95 just north of Fredericksburg is still flying high.

Off topic: Gates of Vienna has been dark for several days. Any idea what's happened?

Stogie Chomper said...

I don't know what happened to Gates of Vienna. Strange.

Traditionalman said...

Fly the Stars and Bars proudly. I am a ex repub. A registered Non-Partisan Conservative voter. Trump for President 2016!